Tangerine Theme

Amber CRTs, Tangerine Dream, retro-futuristic, kandy kolored tangerine flake streamline baby… all these things held some influence over the creation of this theme. Well, those things, and the fact I like orange.

Download: Tangerine

Obligatory screenshots

Sample emacslisp

Tangerine shell

Sample Shell script

Tangerine Perl

Sample Perl code


HexRGB.el With Some Extras

If you use a lot of css, you probably know there a few useful preprocessor, like SASS and LESS both of which give us a collection of color manipulation functions.

Building on the work done by the most excellent Drew Adams in his hexrgb.el (the original is at

I’ve added a few extensions, and tweaks to make it even more useful.

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Powerline.el Enhanced

Update: Jan 2013 - There is now a new powerline.el (1.2)

*Note that these enhancements were made to an earlier version, which has been bugfixed. It should be trivial to extract the xpm data / memoization / condition, for a shape you’d like, I’ll patch and pull-request at some stage to add these into the latest version…

…. back to the original post.

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